OpenCon 2016 Lofa has ended

OpenCon satellite events are local meetings about Open issues that are held in partnership with a global annual OpenCon meeting to advocate for Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education around the world.


Our event in Zorzor will bring together over two hundred participants including students, researchers, and members of the public who are interested in learning more about openness in research and education from Lofa county and other parts of the Country. There will be talks by local speakers, video content streamed from the global OpenCon meeting held in Washington DC, and participatory workshops about open information and community organizing. 

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Lorraine Cheun

Powered by Data
Communications Lead
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lorraine Chuen is a (sometimes) writer, (sometimes) comic artist, and (sometimes) designer based out of Toronto, Canada. She is interested in the ways we can make information more accessible to broader audiences. Through data visualization and infographic design, she explores various social justice issues on a blog she co-founded, Intersectional Analyst. After grad school, she spent time working with researchers and librarians to make scholarly information and educational materials freely and openly accessible. Now she's working at Powered by Data, a non-profit dedicated to helping build a data-enabled social sector. She is also helping to build out IntersectTO, a collaborative tech community for BIPOCs in Toronto.